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Local Business Schema

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Adding schema makes the business information on your site more discoverable by search engines and easier to find by potential site visitors.


Schema markup is code which helps engines better understand your website. This code can lead to more informative results for users and as a result, potentially better search rankings for your site.

To learn more about schema, visit www.schema.org

The Local Business schema is simple to enable by filling in the content library of your site. Once information is entered into the Business Info Screen, the location, the logo and business name entered will be used. As well, the About Us paragraph and the first five images entered will be used in the schema.

Some of the following fields are required in order to generate schema while some are recommended, however, the more information that can be filled in, the more accurate the schema will be.

Note: if the business does not have a physical location, we recommend NOT enabling Local Business Schema

Content Library Field



Business Name (Not location name) Yes List the most commonly used name by customers.
Address Yes List the physical address of a business. Note: if the business does not have a physical location, we recommend NOT enabling Local Business Schema
Geo Yes* List the latitude/longitude that represents the business location. * Without Code tries to generate this automatically based on the address entered.
Social Networks No Enter the social media profile links of the business. In Schema, this is represented as ‘sameAs’ which means this is another URL(s) where the business can be found.
Business Hours No List the hours the business is open.
Image (under Business Images) Yes Add a group of images that best represent the business. Note: this is not required for schema, however, it is for Google validation tools, so it is also required within Without Code.
Email No List the business email address.
Phone No List the business phone number.
Logo No Add a logo that represents the business. Note: this is not required, but strongly recommended.
About Us (under Business Text) No Write a short description giving an overview of the business.


Enable Local Business Schema

To generate this, select the Content tab within your website builder. Then click “Business Info.”


Enter as many details as possible in this section. Then click “Review & Enable.”

Specify the type of business.

Additional schema fields allow you to display additional information in your business profile and search listings. This information allows customers to be better informed and improve search result relevance.

The example in the screenshot below shows options for a hotel. Available schema fields will depend on the business type.

Review information and click “Enable Schema.”


Note: Your site must be published in order for the schema to take effect.

Validate Schema

To confirm that your schema is valid, click the “Validate with Google” link on the review page. You can also confirm this by entering the URL of your published site into the Google Rich Results tool.

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