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The Content Library in the site editor provides a place to store and retrieve info, images, and files for your site.



To import info, images, or files from another source select Content from the left section. You can click “Import content” and enter the relevant URL.

Note: This tool may not import all content from a previous site.


Business Info

You can add or edit any business information here. This includes phone numbers, email address, physical address, and social accounts. Entering this information will allow relevant widgets to populate information automatically.

Note: When entering your Facebook URL, ensure you are entering the correct URL: + ID. If you have a profile similar to this, the ID is WebsitesWithoutCode, but if you have a profile similar to, the ID is 1234567890.


Business Text

You can add or edit business background info (e.g. About Us) here and easily pull from it as you edit your site.

Business Images

You can add or edit business images here to be used throughout your site. Local Business Schema will also pull from these images.


Create and manage collections from this tab. Read more about Collections here.


Find and Replace

Use this tool to search the site and automatically replace specific details: addresses, phone numbers, email address, and social media account info.

NOTE: You can manually override the content by making changes to any widget in the site.

Site Content

You can store and manage site content here including, images, files and responses.

Manage Images

You can click “Manage Images” to choose existing images or add new ones by selecting “Upload Images.” Images added too yoour Business Images will be visible here.

Manage Files

To upload a file click “Upload New File.” To delete, simply hover over the file and select the grey x.

Manage Form Responses

You can view, delete, and manage form responses submitted by site visitors here. Use the search field to find a specific response by name or phrase.



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