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MembershipWorks is a powerful web-based membership software platform designed to manage and automate administration tasks. Our widget allows you to easily integrate MembershipWorks services directly into your website.


Full site using multiple widgets:

Tutorial Video


  • Place the MembershipWorks widget on your page, where you would like it to appear.
  • Widget height and width can be set using the blue grab handle on the bottom right corner of the widget.

Account Setup at

  • Go to
  • If you need to sign up, click the sign up link in the header or footer.
  • Progress through the sign up process. You will eventually reach the Organization Settings page. This page contains your Organization ID.
  • If you already have an account, sign in (link is in the footer) and navigate to the Organization Settings page.
  • Copy the Organization ID listed on this page.

Managing your MembershipWorks Account

  • If you do not already have your MembershipWorks account setup, and populated with members, events, etc. there will be little to be seen when you link the Without Code widget with your MembershipWorks ID.
  • We suggest creating at least a few members or events prior to setting up the widget, so that you can confirm the account details are linking.
  • The “backend” at MembershipWorks (your account) is very powerful, and has extensive options. We will not be covering all of the features here, though there is great training and support at the site.

Widget Options (Content)

  • Open the widget options.
  • Organization ID: Enter the Organization ID you copied in the previous steps.
  • When the Organization ID is entered, you should now see any members or events present in the widget that are present in your MembershipWorks account.
  • Feature Mode: There are many Feature Modes to choose from. These modes display different features of the MembershipWorks widget.
  • Note that depending on the Feature Mode selected, there will be additional options presented. Some Feature Modes have no additional options.

Notes and Tips

  • Only one widget may be used per page: While this may seem like a limitation initially, this is actually intended by the developers at MembershipWorks. The functionality of all the features available in our integration widget was designed by MembershipWorks. All of the interactions need to be part of the page history and state (ie. URL), so that if the member refreshes the page or clicks the back button, the content on the page would populate as expected. It also provides a unique URL for each event and each directory profile so the event or profile can be shared using the URL of the page. See this site for an example of a complete site using separate widgets on individual pages throughout the site.
  • Using widget on purpose-built pages: If you intend to use multiple widgets, it is suggested that you place the widgets on pages dedicated to that function. For example, you could place a Member Directory widget on a “Member Directory” page. Or a Event Calendar widget on a “Event Calendar” page. Additionally, you could place a Sign Up or Sign Out widget on your home page.
  • Set up MembershipWorks Account fully: Some Feature Modes such as Sign Up or Sign Out will not function properly until certain features are set up at

Widget Options (Design)

The design section offers only spacing controls. The labels for these settings are self explanatory and will not be discussed in detail here.

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