You are viewing the legacy dashboard. To explore the new dashboard click here * Please note that the new dashboard will not display your existing sites until our migration tool is complete (coming soon).

Migrating Sites to the New Dashboard

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This documentation covers the process of migrating your websites from the old dashboard at to the new dashboard at

Note: this feature is available to paid members only (upgrade your free trial account now to migrate). As well, sites that are currently published or have been previously published can not be migrated at this time this feature is coming soon.

  • Go to your dashboard at
  • Select Migrate Sites from the menu.
  • On the Website Migration page, select the site you wish to migrate by clicking the Migrate button.


In the new dashboard, websites are a component of Projects. Projects are a place for your website and all associated services such as Email accounts, CMS Users, Team Members and Media Drive (coming soon). When you migrate sites into the new dashboard, you will create a new Project.

  • Enter the information for your Project.
  • Project Name: the project name appears on your project list and your invoice. Since it appears on your invoice, it may be a good idea to include a client’s name or company in the Project Name.
  • Project Description: this is the description of the project.
  • Project Image: if your website already has an image applied in the old dashboard, that image will migrate to the new dashboard. If your website does not have an image or you wish to change the image, upload an image now.
  • Click Migrate.

In the New Dashboard

Once your site has been migrated, you will see it listed in your new dashboard at


From here, you can manage all aspects of the project from the project menu.

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