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You can make edits to your site right from your mobile device by simply logging into your dashboard and opening the site editor. Use the mobile version of the editor to edit text, images, buttons, photo gallery, image slider, click-to-action widgets, and links designed in your desktop site editor. Widgets that are not supported will show a “coming soon” message.

The mobile editor does not offer the same functionality as the desktop or tablet editor but gives you the option to make simple edits on the go. This ensures that your design and layout settings set up on desktop remain unaffected. For example, you will be unable to add a new page on mobile, as well as delete/unhide rows and widgets.

Clicking on the three buttons on the lower right-hand side will open up additional options.


Bypass the Mobile Editor

Note: it is recommended that you make all major edits through your desktop editor.

In an emergency situation, you may need to access the full site editor. You can do this from your phone by logging into your dashboard, opening the site editor for the relevant site and within the browser window click on the three dots to bring up your options; select “Desktop Site.”

This will load the desktop editor.


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