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Powered by vCita, this widget lets you easily register for a free vCita account and add online scheduling right to your site. Site visitors can instantly book appointments, making it easy for you to track your schedule, send reminders, and manage billing.

Note: if you have any questions about your vCita account or any features, check out their education center.

To add this scheduler, open the Widgets tab and search for the Online Scheduler widget.


Drag this widget into the desired location of your editor and it will open the content and design options. Enter your email and name to create a free vCita account.


Once you are signed up, you can define the content options:

  • Choose either a Service Menu to display your different services or a Calendar to show appointment times available.
  • Click “Add/Edit services” to add in your services/appointments.
  • Click on “Edit business hours” to set your time zone and hours, allowing the scheduler to sync directly to your calendar.
  • Use the other options to manage your scheduling options (branding, confirmation message, notifications).


Clicking on any option will bring up your vCita account; ensure you complete all relevant areas.

Note: you can upgrade your plan through cVita to gain access to more features.


Scroll down to view more options. You can display schedule inline or as a single button, and can define per device.


Using the design tab you can define the border style and widget spacing.


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