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Pages and Popups can be found in the left menu of your site editor. The Page area allows you to define the organization of your website by creating and re-ordering pages. The Popups area allows you to add popups to a specific page; this can draw attention to important information without pulling visitors away from the area they are on.


Note: You can create a maximum of 1000 pages on each site.

To manage this, click Pages in the left menu. You can add a new page by clicking “+ New Page.”


This will bring up the page options. Select a blank page or the relevant type, which will come equipped with associated widgets.

Note: the “Page URL” type links to another page URL and doesn’t create a new page.


Once you click on your desired page type, enter your “Page Name” and click “+ Add Page.” This will add your new page to the bottom of the list.


You can reorganize the pages by clicking and dragging as desired. To nest a page within another, click and drag slightly to the right underneath another page.


To edit page settings, click on the gear icon next to any individual page. This will give you multiple options.


Page Settings

  • Rename: give your page a new name (this will not change the URL).
  • Hide in navigation: choose to hide the page in specific layouts or hide on all.
  • Duplicate: copy the page.
  • Page URL: customize the page URL.
  • SEO: define all page SEO settings. Read more about SEO Settings.
  • Set Password: set a password for this specific page. Read more about Password Protected Pages.
  • Delete: permanently delete the page.



To add a popup, click the Pages section, select “Popups,” and click “+ New Popup.”


This will bring up the popup options. Select a blank popup or the relevant type, which will come equipped with associated widgets.


Once you click on your desired popup type, enter your “Popup Name” and click “+ Add Popup.” This will add your new popup to the site.


In order to activate the popup, you must use a link/button or define a personalization rule.



Many widgets give you the option to link to a popup, including buttons, text, and Photo Gallery image links. From the individual widget content tab, click “Popup” and select the relevant popup.


Personalization Rules

To create a condition for a popup, you can create a rule by selecting Personalize from the left menu. Define the trigger(s) and select “Popup” as the action.

View more about Personalization Rules.

Note: popups created with personalization rules will only appear once per session.


Editing a Popup

You can edit rows, columns, and add widgets to any popup and you can adjust the size of the popup by dragging the corner. Click on the popup to bring up the content and design tabs, which give you multiple customization options.


Select the gear icon to bring up the different popup options:

  • Rename: rename the popup.
  • Duplicate: copy the popup.
  • Delete: permanently delete the popup.

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