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Personalization Rules allow you to define triggers and actions. So when the conditions are met (e.g. a user visits the Services page using their mobile device), an action occurs (e.g. a popup encouraging them to contact you is shown).

To create a rule, click Personalize from the left section. Select from the rules or “Build your own.”


Here you can define the rule (if X happens, display Y), selecting the trigger (X; or what causes your rule to be displayed) and the action (Y; or what is displayed).



The trigger allows you to select the conditions that must be met and you can select one of the following or combine conditions for a more specific trigger:

  • Device
  • Location
  • Time
  • Visits
  • Campaign URL



The action defines what happens after the previous conditions are met. You can select to display a:

  • New Row (this option will bring up Row Editing Mode, allowing you to customize the row)
  • Notification Bar
  • Popup
  • Javascript
  • Special Effect


Once you define your personalization rule, you can preview.


And then ensure you click “Save rule” and don’t forget to republish your site in order for visitors to see the new action.


Saved and unsaved (draft) rules can be found in the Personalization section.

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