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The Without Code site builder has a useful Photo Editor that allows you to make significant edits to any image on your site. Use this tool to adjust the image size, add effects, and much more without having to open a separate software or program.

To open the editor, click on any image on your site, and select “Edit.”


The Photo Editor includes multiple options: frame, add text or filters, adjust, crop, and focus. Simply click the desired option.

Note: some widgets give you additional options for editing images.

Once you’re done editing, click “Save and Close.” This will save the image in your library and on the page.


When you make any changes through the editor, a copy will be saved so you can revert to the original if needed. To find the original, as well as the edited version of the photo, click in the image to open up the Image Picker. Edited images can be found in the “Site Images” or “Uploaded” folder.

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