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Add multiple images to your site that can then be opened in a lightbox or linked with the Photo Gallery widget.

To add the gallery, open the Widgets tab and search for the Photo Gallery widget.


Drag this widget into the desired location of your editor and it will open the content and design options.

The photo gallery offers 2 different options for loading images into the gallery:

  • Add Image: The standard method for adding images to the gallery uses the “Add Image” option. This method allows the user to upload their own images or choose from the collection of stock images using the image search in the image picker dialog. See the Add Image section below for details.
  • Connect Instagram: This method populates the gallery with images from an Instagram account. See the Connect Instagram section below for details.

Add Image

Add an image by clicking “+ Add Image” or by clicking the blank image space. This will open up the Image Picker where you can choose existing images or upload new ones. Read more about Choosing and Placing Images.


If you want to replace or edit an existing image, click on the image and this will open “Image Settings.”

The replace button will open up the Image Picker again; the edit button will open up the editing options. Read more about the Photo Editor.

Connect Instagram

Click Connect Instagram.

Log into the Instagram account. The gallery will be populated by images from the connected Instagram account.


  • When a gallery image is clicked, the image is opened at
  • IGTV video posts are not displayed in the gallery.

Additional Options

If you want to add a link from the image, click the “Enable link on gallery images” in the content tab.


Then, scroll down in the settings to add a link.


From here you can also adjust the position, and edit the title, caption, button, and alt text.


You can remove one image by clicking the “x” and can re-order images by clicking and dragging.


Using the design tab you can customize the layout, text (placement, style, color), images, background, effects, and spacing.

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