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This feature allows you to import content (paragraphs, text, headlines) from another website, reducing your build time and maintaining consistency with another source. 

In order to pull content, right click on a title or paragraph box, and select “Pull Content.”

This will open a web browser within the editor where you can enter the URL from the website you would like to import content. You can select either “Website” to see all text and media or “Text only” to see just plain text.


Hover over text or images to highlight the relevant area and click to bring up the menu. You can enlarge and reduce the area selected using the two buttons, accordingly, and can click “Use This” to pull the content.


This content will be imported into your website and placed within the title or paragraph box.

Note: To comply with copyright laws, ensure that you have permission and/or are providing appropriate credit to use any text or media from a source that isn’t yours.

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