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Our Dynamic Page Template sections use dynamic pages and connected widgets to display dynamic content. The elements in the sections (galleries, title widgets, text widgets, etc.) need to be connected to collections. We’ve prepared sample datasets that you can copy and populate with your own content. Each section includes a link to a sample dataset, and the links are also provided in this document below.
As you begin to customize the sections with your own content, you will want to connect all of the dynamic elements to your own collections. There are two main options:
  • Create copies of our sample spreadsheet templates, that you update with your own content
  • Change connection to your own existing collections
Detailed descriptions of these options can be found below within this document.
If you’re new to Dynamic Pages and Connected Data, please see the Dynamic Pages section of our documentation.

Create copies of our sample templates

Our sections use spreadsheets to serve content to the elements in the sections (one spreadsheet per section). If you wish to use these spreadsheets yourself, you will need to first make copies.
Here are links to the sample spreadsheet templates:
To make a copy of these spreadsheets, perform the following steps:
  • Go to File > Make a copy
  • Click “Copy base” in the top right corner of the page
  • Note that you may need to sign up for Airtable if you do not already have an account.

Change Connection

You may choose to simply change connections for elements in sections to your own collection. To change a connection:
  • Click on a widget to open the widget menu.
  • Most widget options will be unavailable while it is connected to a collection. To change the connection, click the “Change Connection” link.
  • This will open a new window that allows you to select a new collection.
  • Select your collection. If you haven’t created your own collection, you will need to do so first. See our Dynamic Pages – Creating and Managing Collections document for details on creating a new collection.

  For a complete overview and video tutorial of Dynamic Pages, check out our 5-part video series:

Dynamic Pages Tutorial Video Series


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