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Improve your site’s visibility and increase the chance of visitors finding you with an organic search through search engine optimization (SEO).

You can define site SEO from the Settings section, however, it is more beneficial to define SEO from the page level.

To edit the SEO settings for each page of your site, click on Pages in the left menu, select any individual page, and click the gear icon to bring up the “SEO” option.


From this section you can define Page Title, Page Description, and Page Keywords. You can also select “No Index” to block search engines from displaying this page (all complete pages should be searchable as an SEO best practice.)

Site Title

This is critical for your search engine rankings; the site title tells search engines, as well as potential site visitors what your site is about. This title will appear in search engine results so make this as comprehensive and include relevant keywords.

Page Description

Although not important for rankings, the page description is very important for telling potential visitors what they can expect from the page. Ensure you include critical information that will encourage them to click.

Page Keywords

You can add relevant keywords to define your page here.

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