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Ecommerce: Setting up a Store

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The built in store feature allows you to create an ecommerce store on your site. Stores are powered by Ecwid, which is one of the most powerful and comprehensive ecommerce solutions on the web, providing you with a shopping cart, product categories, search capability, and a complete checkout process.

Note: Your store cannot be managed by going to www.ecwid.com. While our ecommerce system is powered by Ecwid, any store created on the Without Code site builder can only be managed from within the site builder.

If you have an existing account with Ecwid, you may also use our Ecwid Ecommerce Store, or Ecwid Ecommerce Single Product widgets. 

Store Setup

To get started on the built in feature, select the Store tab from the left column and choose your store. You can create a 10 product store for free or choose to upgrade to 100 or 2500.

Note: the upgraded plans include hosting, meaning you don’t need to purchase an additional hosting plan to publish your site. Visit our hosting prices page and ecommerce plan features page for more information about what each plan offers.


Once you select the store, you can begin customizing. Select “Manage Store” and your store Setup Wizard will open.


This Setup Wizard lays out the simple steps to complete your site and you can manage your store using the options on the left, including sales, catalog, channels, and more.


Add Products

Select “Add products” and begin entering the products you would like to sell online. You can then enter the Product Name, Price, Product Image, and more.

Note: Your store cannot contain more than one product or category with the same name.


Location Settings

Select “Verify geo settings” to select your country, currency, and weight settings.


Shipping Settings

Select “Set up shipping or pickup” to define the type of goods you are selling: physical or digital. If you are selling physical items that need to be shipped, you can click “Set up shipping” to define your rates and if you are selling digital goods you can select “Disable shipping for products.”


Payment Settings

Select “Get paid” to choose your preferred payment option. You can select PayPal, Stripe, or choose from “Advanced payments setup” to choose another method.


Once you have finalized these options, the store will show your progress as 100% complete. You can close the Setup Wizard, but can always make changes to products, categories, and other settings by clicking “Manage Store.” As well, you can add store widgets (e.g. cart) and/or add categories as subpages of a specific page by clicking the store tab on the left.


Store Design

You can adjust the store design by clicking on it from the site editor.

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