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The shape widget is a powerful and simple tool for creating unique buttons, banners, tags, awards, or even applying interesting shapes to images on your site. Upon opening the widget, you’ll find 20 different shapes to choose from. You can control shape size, text, shadow, add a background color or image.



Widget Placement

  • Place the Shape widget on your page where you would like it to appear.
  • Reposition the shape as needed.
  • You may resize the widget width by using the blue grab handle on the bottom right corner.


Widget Options (Content)

  • Choose Shape: Use this menu to select a shape.
  • Add Link: Use this option to link the shape.
  • Title and Description: These text fields apply a title and/or description. This text appears directly on the shape.


Widget Options (Design)

Here are a few key design options:

  • Layout: Select a solid shape or an image-based shape.
  • Width/Height: In addition to the blue resize handle, you may define the shape width and height with these options.
  • Keep Proportion: This toggle keeps the Width and Height settings proportionate, and retains the original shape. Toggle this option off to alter the shape. For example, the banner shape width can be extended to accommodate larger or additional text.

The remaining Design section options are labeled with their function. Since the option label describes its purpose, options will not be discussed further here.

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