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Shrinking Header

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You can add a shrinking header to fix important information in place, but minimize the distraction to visitors as they scroll down a page of your site. The shrinking header acts as a persistent feature, and as the user scrolls past the header height, logos, and widgets will shrink.

You can separate colors for text, buttons and icons that change only when the header shrinks. You may also use a separate, alternative logo for the shrunken header.


To add a shrinking header, ensure that the header is turned into a row. Then simply click the header icon and select “Edit Design” to open up design options.


Select the “Enable shrinking header” toggle.

Note: not all widgets will function in a Shrinking Header.  


Once you enable to the shrinking header, a few adjustments will occur:

  • The site will scroll down slightly
  • The top/bottom padding and margins of the header and widgets will change to 0
  • Images will shrink down to the logo size
  • Columns will take up the entire space of the row
  • Templates with minimum height value will be set to auto

Note: shrinking the header layout will not affect the shrinking header settings.


Design Options

To edit the shrinking header, click on the element and select “Edit Design” to open up design options. You can numerous elements that appear in the shrunken header. Note that these settings are separate from the full size header.



Shrinking header not visible

In order for the shrinking header to function, you must be able to scroll far enough to trigger the feature. Make sure you have enough rows set up on the site.

Editing widgets

You can only edit widgets at the top of the site where the header is expanded.


The shrinking header is only available in desktop and tablet.


The shrinking header will not affect the padding and margin spacing of the row, only the header.

Design properties

The shrinking header customization will not override the row properties.

Widgets not appearing

If you place a widget and it does not appear, this widget is not compatible with the shrinking header. You will see an empty column instead.

Empty rows

You can create an empty row by removing the widget; the padding and margins will remain in the shrinking header.

You can change the logo, but will have to edit the size.

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