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Site Backups

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The Without Code site editor makes it easy to save a site backup; this will give you the ability to restore back to an older version of your site. The site editor also creates automatic backups when you publish, add/remove multi-language, or access developer mode, but we suggest you do manual backups before and after important edits in the unlikely case an automatic backup fails.

The majority of the site is saved in a backup (images, files, content) to ensure you don’t lose important elements, however, blogs and ecommerce data are not backed up. You can backup your blog separately

Note: the editor has a limit of 10 manual and 10 automatic backups so the oldest backups will eventually get bumped for new ones.

To manually save a backup, click on Settings in the left menu.


Enter a name in the “New Version Name” and click save.


You can also restore to an old version from this window. Scroll down to the relevant version and click “Restore.”

You can also delete a backup from this same window by finding the relevant version and clicking “Delete.”

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