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Our Site Comments system is a fantastic way to communicate with clients or members of your team, all within the context of your website editor. This system is so effective and simple to use that it may just revolutionize the way you approach communication in your web design business. This feature is available for Pro and Enterprise level members of Without Code.

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Turning on Site Comments

Enable site comments for any site easily from your dashboard:

  • Ensure that you’re logged into, then navigate to the Dashboard and click “My Websites”.
  • Locate the site you wish to update, and click the gear icon.
  • Locate the Site Comments toggle and enable it.

Enabling Site Comments for CMS Users and Team Members

Begin the conversation by enabling site comments for your CMS users and Team Members. It’s easy to control which sub users can use site comments and which cannot. This option can be found in CMS User and Team Member Permissions.

  • In the Site Details window (use the gear icon on your site thumbnail to open this window), click the “CMS Users” or “Team Members” tab at the top.
  • Click the gear icon for the CMS User or Team Members you would like to edit.
  • Select “Update Permissions”.
  • Click the “Site Comments” checkbox.

Note that this process must be done for each CMS User or Team Member you wish to enable site comments for.

Adding Site Comments

Adding individual comments is easy, and the functionality is the same for both you and your CMS Users / clients. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Once site comments have been enabled on your site, you will notice a small menu pinned to the righthand side of the editor. Click the Add Comment icon in the menu.
  • You may now add a comment to any element in the browser – text, images, headlines, etc. Just click the element to which you would like to add a comment.

Once you’ve created a site comment, you will see a blue dot in the editor to note the comment. You may repeat the process as much as needed.

Note: when a comment or reply is made, an unbranded notification email is automatically sent to the users involved in the comments. 


Adding Replies and Resolving Site Comments

  • Simply click in the reply field of the comment window to reply. You may reply to CMS User comments, or comments of your own. Also note that you may add an image when replying.
  • When you’re ready to resolve the site comment, simply click the “Resolve” button in the upper right corner of the site comment window. This removes the Site Comment from the editor and the list of open comments.

Note that you may re-open site comments after they’ve been resolved. All comments, even resolved ones, are kept in the log. Find these in the open/resolved dropdown.

Comments Log

Reviewing and managing all of the site comments on your site is easy with the Comments Log. You may use the log to view comments, resolve comments and more.

  • Click the Comments Log icon in the menu.
  • You will see a column displaying all comments, by all users. Each comment displays who created the comment and the date it was created. Scroll the column as needed to see additional comments.
  • Click on a comment to be taken directly to that comment within the editor.
  • Reply to or resolve comments directly from the log if you wish.
  • Open the dropdown labeled “All Open” to view both open and resolved comments.
  • Use the dropdown labeled “All Pages” to see comment counts per page.
  • Click on the search icon to search all comments within the log.

Hiding Comments

While building or editing the site, you may find the comment icons on page elements to be distracting. Utilize the “Hide Comments” button in the menu to hide all comments.

Edit/Delete Site Comments

Comments can be edited or deleted by the person who creates them or by a team member. Here’s how to edit or delete a comment:

  • Open the comment you wish to edit or delete.
  • Hover over the comment to reveal the more icon (three dots), then click.
  • Click edit or delete.

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