Dashboard Shutdown Notice Please note that this dashboard will be archived on May 31, 2022. Sites that are not migrated to the new dashboard (go.wocode.com) before this date will no longer be editable until they are successfully migrated. Click here to migrate your sites

Site Editor Overview

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The Without Code site editor has three main sections: top, left, and the main content area.

The top section gives you options to navigate within your site; you can move between device views (desktop, tablet, mobile), as well as between pages. Select pages from the dropdown to view and edit, or select the particular device to view.

In addition, this top section contains site info, undo and re-do actions, preview, republish, help articles, and back to Dashboard.

The left section contains all widgets and features that can be applied to the entire site. You can alter site-wide design elements, add/edit pages, import content, add features (big and small), and make administrative changes, such as adding Google Analytics.

The main content area is where you can edit the individual elements of your site. You can update images, add text, and customize everything by selecting the element and tailoring the options.

If you click on an individual section (e.g. a row), you can select the question mark from the options box and this will bring up in-editor support to give more information.

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