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You can use the site settings area to define general options for your website. Click on the “Settings” tab in the left menu to bring up the following areas:

  • Site Icons
  • Site URL
  • Site SSL
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • URL Redirect
  • Header HTML
  • Backup Site
  • Site Language
  • Privacy Settings
  • 404 Page


Site Icons

You can add a favicon image, social networks image, and home screen icon here. Click the image buttons for each individual option to add an image.


Site URL

Once your site is published this tab shows your site URL. You can update the URL from here or “Copy” the link to share.


Site SSL

You can set up your secured HTTPS connection for your published site here. In order to generate an SSL certificate your site must be properly connected to a custom domain.



Although each individual page has SEO settings, you can change overall site SEO from here. Use this tab to change the Site Title, Site Description, and Site Keywords.

Note: any changes made to Page SEO will override these SEO changes.


Google Analytics

You can connect your Google Analytics account here to begin tracking site activity right in your Analytics dashboard. Simply copy your ID number from an existing account and if you don’t have one, you can first create a Google Analytics account.


URL Redirect

Use this section to redirect from an old page to a new one. This will ensure customers find the appropriate page quickly and is beneficial for your SEO.


Header HTML

You can add custom HTML/JavaScript here. Only specific types of code can be added, however, and any incorrect code will be removed.


Backup Site

Use this section to create a manual backup of your site. Read more about site backups.

Site Language

This section allows you to translate specific sections of your site into a language other than English. Select your language from the drop down list and certain widgets will translate text automatically (this can’t be customized).

Note: this feature is different from the Multi-Language option, which allows you to translate all text on your website.


Privacy Settings

Use this section to add a customized privacy page and/or activate a cookie notification bar. Both of these are required under new GDPR rules and allow you to provide site visitors important information about the type of information you collect and how they can opt out.


Privacy Page

To create a privacy page, simply click the toggle and then click on the “Customize” button to bring up the template. Ensure that you fill in the generic fields and customize this for your specific site.


You can inform users that your site uses cookies; simply click the toggle and customize the text.


404 Page

Create a customized 404 page for an invalid URL; this allows you to show customers a brand-specific 404 page as opposed to a generic one. To activate, simply click “Customize page.” From here you can edit the page as desired by customizing rows/columns, and adding widgets or sections.

Note: the language on this page can be customized from the Site Language section under settings.

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