Replacing a Temporary Site with a Permanent Site

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We can’t transfer subscriptions from one site to another; each individual subscription is tied to a specific site so ensure you are purchasing the correct subscription type for that site.

If you are building a temporary site that you would like to publish in the interim, ensure you select the monthly hosting plan that can be cancelled when needed (partial refunds can’t be processed on annual plans – read more). The steps below describe the process of using the same domain for both the interim and permanent site. Once your permanent site is ready to be published:

  • In the interim site, go to Settings > Site URL
  • Click the Change Site URL button.
  • Choose the Default Domain option
  • Cancel the subscription for the interim site.
  • Purchase a new subscription on the permanent site and publish the site using your domain.

If you have a question or issues with a site, send our support team an email and we can take a look at your specific case –

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