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You can use custom code to extend the builder’s capabilities and add features, but this should only be used if you are experienced in custom code (read our Custom Code doc for more detail).

Custom code is unpredictable and there can be many factors behind why it’s not working or causing issues on your site. Although our support team cannot troubleshoot custom code, we do have some suggestions for troubleshooting if custom code is impacting your site negatively.

Restore Your Backup

Before adding custom code, always create a backup. If the custom code you’ve added is causing issues, you can simply restore to this older version before the code as added.

Note: if you forgot to create a backup, the system likely auto-created one for you before you entered developer mode so check your backup versions.

Access from a Different Page

Custom code can prevent you from accessing your page and editing. To troubleshoot this, first try accessing the editor through a different page.

Simply enter a different URL into the editor link. E.g. go to a “Portfolio” page by entering Once you are there, you can access developer mode to fix the issue in the code.

Load Non-Secured Version of Editor

Alternatively, if you can’t access your page to edit, try loading the non-secure version: “http//…” This will allow you to load scripts that are not embedded through a secure connection so you can make the necessary edits.

Access Developer Mode

Use Developer Mode to view and edit the HTML/CSS for the entire site. Read more about Developer Mode.

Hire a Programmer

If you still can’t get to the root of your issue, but require the custom code for the site, you may want to explore hiring a programmer.

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