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Widget Design Options

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The majority of widgets found in the site editor come with design options that allow you to customize them for your site. To begin customizing, either right click on the widget and select “Edit Design,”


Or click the widget, and select the “Design” tab.


There are a variety of design options depending on the widget, but you may see the following:

  • Layout
  • Style
  • Spacing

Note: Some widgets may have more options than others.


Here you can control the width of the widget, as well as select from a list of layout types.



This option includes any style customization, such as:

  • Color – edit the color of the widget element
  • Background – this may include changing color, style, and overlay, or adding an image/video
  • Height and Width – alter the size of elements
  • Border – define the style border surrounding the widget
  • Effect – choose a hover effect or add a shadow

Note: Style options vary between widgets.



This option allows you to define the spacing inside the widget, as well as the spacing outside the widget (the inner and outer spacing, accordingly).

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