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Wireframes have been used in website design for many years to act as blueprints or frameworks representing the layout of a website. These layouts are great for designers looking to provide a functional rough draft to clients, and can be re-arranged very quickly as needed.

Wireframes are great for teams, as well as designers looking to provide a functional rough draft to clients. These fully responsive layouts can be re-arranged very quickly as needed. Once finalized, wireframes can easily be turned into completed websites by replacing placeholder images and text copy.

Demo: http://wireframe-blanche.sitemodify.com/

Tutorial Video


  • If you’ve worked with our templates, then wireframes will be equally familiar. Edits to the wireframes are performed exactly as they are in templates within the Architect builder.
  • You may want to make changes to the wireframe before sharing or finalizing…

If Changes Are Needed:

  • Preview the site to assess the site layout and functionality.
  • Jump back into the editor to make any changes you like. You can add, delete or duplicate pages as needed.
  • Update headlines, text, images, slideshows etc. as needed.


  • Once you’re happy with the layout and function of your wireframe, you may want to share it with a team or client. Click the “i” icon in the top menu to acquire your preview link. Copy the link.
  • Share the preview link.


  • Once you’ve received all input from your client or team, you may turn the Wireframe into a finalized website.
  • To finalize in Architect:
    • Update page names as needed.
    • Replace any image placeholders.
    • Update text copy with permanent copy.
    • Load any gallery or slideshow widget with permanent images.
    • Update any logo or icon as needed.
    • Publish the site by clicking the “Publish” button on the righthand side of the top menu.

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