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The Zoom widget allows your customers to connect with their clients through video conferences. Site visitors can log in to the meeting without leaving the website. Zoom is a great for attracting new customers, and collecting email addresses for mailing lists.


All meeting settings are configured at zoom.us. To get started, sign up with Zoom if you do not yet have an account. Create a meeting and configure the details. The only information you’ll need from Zoom is the Meeting ID.

For more information about Zoom, see the Zoom Help Center.

Note: your site must be HTTPS secure in order to use the Zoom widget. 

  • Drop the widget onto your site.
  • Use the blue grab handle to resize the widget as you like.
  • Open the widget option panel.

Content Settings

  • Default Meeting ID: there are 2 ways to use this option – recurring meetings, and not recurring. Entering a Meeting ID in the widget options will allow the Meeting ID to be displayed on the published site.
    • Recurring: if meetings are recurring, you may enter the Meeting ID into this field. The Meeting ID will be pre-populated for site visitors on the published site.
    • Non-Recurring: for non-recurring meetings, this field should be left blank. The site visitor will be able to enter a unique Meeting ID.
  • Request a meeting ID: This setting requires the user to enter the Meeting ID. Disable this option if there is a default meeting ID for recurring meetings.
  • Request a meeting password. This setting requires the user to enter a password to join the meeting. Passwords can be configured at zoom.us. You should have a method for communicating the password to clients when this option is used.
  • Join button / button text while joining / Name label / Email Label / Meeting ID Label / Meeting Password Label: You may set the custom text seen in these fields using these options.

Design Settings

There are extensive options for styling the Zoom widget, such as the Input fields and Join Button. These settings are labeled with their function, and will not be discussed here in detail as they are self-explanatory.

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