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Architect – Builder Updates for GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation takes effect on May 25, 2018, and many online businesses who have customers within the EU need to make changes to their site and data collection practices.

Here’s a quick overview of changes made to the Architect site creator that help you comply with the new GDPR rules.


All websites should have a clear policy on what data they collect, how it’s used, and the steps taken to protect it. This information is commonly displayed on a privacy page.

Within the Architect editor, there is a new option under Settings > Privacy to enable a unique privacy page. The existing cookie notification bar has also been updated to allow you to point a link to your privacy page.




Form Improvements – Opt-in and Free Text Fields

Contact forms now have the added option of an “opt-in” checkbox, meaning that a user must agree to submit their information to you when utilizing the form. The opt-in message can be fully customized and linked to your privacy page.

Simple text fields can now be added to contact forms (called “free text” within the editor), which can be used for privacy information or simple notes to explain how to use the form.


View / Delete Form Responses

All contact form responses can now be viewed from the “content” panel within the site builder as well as in the unbranded dashboard (on

This feature allows for easy deletion of form entries to comply with a user’s request to have their personal information removed from your system. Please note that form entry deletion cannot be undone. The form response manager also provides site owners with a simple place to manage all form entries.




Check out these new features live in your Without Code accounts today!



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