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MuseThemes Member Discounts – VIP

MuseThemes Member Discounts

As a current or former member of, you are eligible for a discount on a Without Code VIP membership! We’re excited to reward our members who have supported us as far back as 2011. The following post contains information on how to take advantage of your discount, and the process for using both sites.


What is a Without Code VIP membership?

A Without Code VIP membership unlocks additional themes and features in our website builder, such as the ability to give your clients CMS editing access. It also gives you access to our member forum, front of the line support, access to all future products (such as Engineer CMS), and a complete MuseThemes membership with full download privileges.

Please note that a VIP membership does not include the Architect per-site publishing / hosting fees.


What is my discount as a MuseThemes member?

MuseThemes members will receive a discount off our standard VIP price of $99 per year based on the amount of time you have been or were a MuseThemes member, and the current state of your account (active members get our highest discounts). Most current users will find their rate is very similar to or better than what they paid originally at MuseThemes.


How do I take advantage of my discount?

We have started sending out emails to members containing a link to sign up using their discount.

If you haven’t yet received your individual discount code, please use the following form to send our Customer Support Team a request. We will need your original MuseThemes account email address to look up your appropriate discount level.



How do I access

Without Code is a completely separate business from MuseThemes. In order to keep our two membership sites in sync, we require that members use the same email address for both MuseThemes and Without Code. If you’re unable to use the same email (e.g. company email address vs. personal) please send us a note to discuss alternatives.

Users with current MuseThemes accounts:

Once you have created a Without Code VIP account using the same email as your MuseThemes account, our two systems will communicate daily to ensure ongoing access to MuseThemes is granted. Since billing is now managed by Without Code, after you have your new WOC VIP account we recommend that you cancel your MuseThemes billing subscription prior to your next renewal by following the instructions here.

Users without current MuseThemes accounts:

If you do not have a current MuseThemes account, you will need to sign up for a free MuseThemes account here. Full download access to MuseThemes products will be automatically granted to WOC VIP members within 24 hours of your free MT account signup.


Can I apply my last MuseThemes payment to Without Code?

MuseThemes memberships created or renewed after the Muse end of life announcement (March 26, 2018) are eligible to have their VIP membership in Without Code extended to make up for their last payment. Following your Without Code VIP signup, please send our customer support team a note for complete details on extending your VIP membership.


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